A Place to Start

Everyone has a starting place.  The wisest starting place, as in the ancient writings titled Genesis, is God.  “In the beginning God … “ (Genesis 1:1)  All starting places, to be valid, must support the reality of life as we know it.  Even at its own genesis, the naturalis260453_187616461371316_1804360343_nm or scientific atheism has a significant problem with an inadequate starting place.  “In the beginning there was nothing, absolute nothing …”  leaves us with at least two fatal questions: (1) How did everything come from nothing? and (2) How did non-living items produce living species? questions undermine naturalism by being contrary to all human reality.  These two things simply do not happen.  Careful consideration must be giving to the fact that this is not a mere natural universe, but a supernatural universe.  This is an environment where many things can certainly be explained due of the consistency and intelligent design of the cosmos, but not all can be explained due to the supernatural, mysterious origin facilitated  in the primary starting point “In the beginning God …”

There is also a significant corollary to this initial starting place.  Not only does God exist, but this God has spoken.  God is not silent.  Creation itself, like a great work of art, proclaims a message in its beauty, intricacies, design and challenges.  The vastness of the universe down to the most delicate biological systems all proclaim, in no uncertain terms, there is a supernatural intent and there is God.  The broadcast of creation attaches itself to our inner conscience with the ring of truth.  Beyond our ability to comprehend such a dynamic creation, it still makes sense deep within us.

Creation and conscience remain general, vague reminders of the great power behind this universe and logically guide us to the question: “Who speaks for God?”  This query has been a passion throughout history while inadequate answers cause confusion, disillusionment, injustice and too many wars.  In this light, the supernatural and natural life of Jesus Christ revealed  details about God that were unknowable up to that point.  Simple truth claims made by Jesus of Nazareth like “Whoever has seen me has seen the Father” (John 14:9, ESV) open up a wide realm of detailed possibilities leading to greater knowledge of God.  Such divine revelation is not an epistemology secular humanism or naturalism will be comfortable exploring, but the historical Jesus must be taken seriously.  In a supernatural universe, miracles and divine revelation are common place and sensible.  Thus the Bible as Holy Scripture making its own truth claim to have been uniquely inspired by God himself, preserved throughout the centuries by God himself  and profitable for instruction in the necessary nuances to accurately knowing God and the principles of his Kingdom.  These Scriptures reveal a Christ and a Kingdom of goodness, justice and righteousness.  While creation initiated life, history is packed with suffering and death.  The Kingdom of God, revealed in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments,  offers grace, peace and hope.

We start with the God who is really there. This God is not silent having spoken clearly  in creation, conscience, Jesus Christ and the Scriptures causing the wisest, most prudent among us,  to passionately  seek the goodness, truth and beauty of the revealed Kingdom of God.


About Jeff Zippi

Jeff Zippi is a follower of Jesus Christ ... born and raised in Los Angeles, a graduate of California State University, Northridge (B.A., History) and The Talbot School of Theology at Biola University (M. Div., Theology), a high school humanities teacher emeritus (35 years in the classroom), a long time baseball coach (currently at Templeton High School), currently living in San Luis Obispo County of California's Central Coast region and married to Christine since 1976 with two awesome children, Peter and Melat.
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