Living on Holy Cross Place!

In the 1950’s and 1960’s I grew up on a street in West Los Angeles called Holy Cross Place. Imagine the number of times over two decades I spoke or wrote my address using the signature Holy Cross Place!  I cannot remember once using my address and thinking or even reflecting on  the real Cross that Jesus suffered and died on.  It never gave me pause to think, “Why did all that takes place?”  I never used the opportunity of my childhood address to ask, “What is the meaning of the Cross?”  This “blog” is dedicated to what Brennan Manning refers to as the “most dangerous journey” …  the human journey from the head to the heart.  It is the journey from what we know  to what we actually experience.  It is the the journey from belief to faith … the journey from information to transformation.  Perhaps my journey from living on Holy Cross Place in Los Angeles to actually depending on the fully on the finished work of Jesus on the Holy Cross will provide encouragement, perseverance and joy to fellow pilgrims in this life making progress toward our high calling in Jesus!


About Jeff Zippi

Jeff Zippi is a follower of Jesus Christ ... born and raised in Los Angeles, a graduate of California State University, Northridge (B.A., History) and The Talbot School of Theology at Biola University (M. Div., Theology), a high school humanities teacher emeritus (35 years in the classroom), a long time baseball coach (currently at Templeton High School), currently living in San Luis Obispo County of California's Central Coast region and married to Christine since 1976 with two awesome children, Peter and Melat.
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